Dalmeny Asvey Mart


MAY 2020


What type of service or product do you offer? 
Groceries, Lotto, Prepaid gift cards, greeting cards, dollar items, various odds and ends. 

Can you provide a short history of your business?
A community grocery store that has been in the same spot for over 20 years under different ownership. We wish to create a truly community grocery store which brings value to the local people in Dalmeny and the surrounding area. 

Why did you choose to locate your business in Dalmeny? 
To revive the hub of the community. To create a purposeful community grocery store that is a convenient one-stop shop offering good, fresh, and quality products. 

In what way(s) do you give back to the community? 
We hire local staff and support local charities and fundraisers. 

What other information would you like to highlight to your customers and residents of Dalmeny? 
With increased local support, we will be able to offer more variety of products and services such as fresh produce, meat and other grocery items. During the pandemic, we offer delivery to those who require it and partner with other vendors to provide essential products such as hand sanitizer and cleaning product.

Email: dalmenygroceries@gmail.com
Website: Facebook/Dalmeny Asvey Mart
Location: 121 3rd Street, Dalmeny
Phone: 306.254.2157